Masha has been my personal trainer for several years and has guided my transformation from out of shape and very weak to my now being in good condition and strong, which is quite an accomplishment given my age. Had I tried to do this alone on the machines I’m sure I would have injured myself repeatedly, but thanks to Masha’s keen appreciation of my current condition no such thing happened. In addition she has the ability to chose the exercise mix that will be most effective each day thereby avoiding over-stressing while maximizing the workout. Finally, Masha’s cheeriness and enthusiasm carry you forward in spite of fatigue. I feel very fortunate to have such a wonderful and knowledgeable trainer.

Mike - age 76


Dear Masha, you're a wonderful, talented young woman and a real motivator! Thank you for all you did to help keep me on track and sweating! There is truly nothing like a workout with you. You're focused yet fun, the workout is intense but not overwhelming, and the stretching you provide is one of the best things I've felt in a long time. I felt "complete" and at peace from it ~ Thank you.

Lilya, 45


A complimentary 1-hour boot camp class offered by Masha on New Year’s Day this year inspired me to sign her up for a few months of personal training.  That was the best gift I could have given myself.  Not only do I feel reassured that Masha is totally professional, her cheerful and encouraging demeanor makes me feel like a million dollars.  She varies our exercises from session to session, always increasing difficulty (heavier weights, longer lasting stretches), and I feel better and stronger than I have in many years.  She also checks your pulse, BMI, weight, measurements and more if you like, and she makes sure you won’t do an exercise that might bring harm to your body. I would recommend Masha and any of her programs to young and old, fit or not so fit.  You won’t regret a minute of your time with her.

Eva, age 67